An innovative approach to the world’s most essential products.

CC Polymers is one of the largest manufactures of PET and PTA in the world. Constantly seeking the most advanced and efficient processes, the materials that we manufacture bring us a wide range of essential and practical products.


PET is a plastic polymer used to manufacture packaging applications for the beverage, food and personal care industries, with key technical advantages in its versatility, durability, heat resistance, lightweight, cost-competitiveness and 100% recyclability.

We produce PET resin grades suitable for the following end-use applications:



The standard PET resin formulation used for carbonated soft drinks; our highest volume of activity.

water grade


The PET resin formulation used for bottling water, which must contain a lower level of acetaldehyde which can affect the taste of the contents.

Hot fill grade

Hot fill-grade

A heat-resistant PET resin formulation used for applications which are typically hot-filled, including still drinks (such as juice drinks, health and sports drinks, ready-to-drink tea and milk) and custom food (such as edible oils, soy sauce and ketchup).


Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) is a white crystalline powder and is predominately used as the precursor in the production of PET. PTA is produced by the oxidation of Paraxylene in the presence of catalysts.


The technical advantages of PET have enabled it to increasingly replace glass, aluminum, steel cans and paperboard, and other plastics such as PVC, polyethylene and polystyrene in packaging applications.

advanced products

Advanced technology for minimal environmental impact

CC Polymers utilizes a technology called IntegRex PTA—a process that allows oxidation at milder conditions, reducing overall consumption of raw materials to generating less byproduct.