People shape a company. Attitude shapes a culture.

An organization is only as strong as its employees. And we believe deeply in the philosophy that if we give our employees the support to learn, grow and prosper, then it will be reflected in our success. That’s why we offer not only the best professional training, but we encourage the sharing of ideas in an inclusive, forward-thinking environment.


the letter D


  • We seek out a variety of perspectives to improve the effectiveness of the current way of doing things
  • We recognize that every employee adds value to the team regardless of their background
  • We take the time to understand the people we work with
  • We ask questions of others to gain a better understanding of the way they think
  • We vary our approach when working with others to be more successful together
  • We discuss new ideas with others to ensure that they are well thought out


  • We place CCP’s values as the foundation to achieve the vision of CCP
  • We continue to pursue the desired result in the face of unforeseen obstacles
  • We respectfully call out a co-worker when they do not live the actions that define the CCP values
  • We act on problems to avoid further issues focusing on the need to make things right without blaming others
  • We follow through on issues until they are addressed properly
  • We consider the implications of our actions as if CCP’s money were our own


  • We use constructive feedback that we receive from others as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • We involve those that are impacted by a problem in finding solutions
  • We stay calm in stressful situations remaining focused on the goal to be achieved
  • We give positive support and recognition to others
  • We provide alternative ideas when suggesting new ways of doing things


  • We consider the ideas of others in order to improve our work
  • We act according to our values, with honesty, with everyone, always
  • We share information that will help others as that information becomes available
  • We let others finish expressing their ideas before responding
  • We offer to help co-workers before being asked to assist


  • We are responsible for the Health, Safety and Environment (H.S.E.) of ourselves and others
  • We take the time to learn how our work impacts the environment to ensure the environment is protected inside and outside of the plant
  • We will intervene when perceiving an at-risk situation
  • We make continuous improvements to H.S.E. to evolve to even higher levels of desired actions/outcomes